The Birds vs. New Orleans... Philly Sports Rumors...

Welcome to Philly Sports with Sean Brace podcast! This week we talk about the wild ride that the Birds have taken over the season and their upcoming prospects for the future... Can their defense take them all the way through the post-season? And in the qb battle of Nick Foles vs. Carson Wentz -- how will it go down? Is there some thing like Nick Foles Magic? ***IF*** we win vs. New Orleans, can we take LA? Also rumors of who might be joining the Philly sports teams in the next few months. Is Bryce Harper coming ... or who might be heading to Citizens Bank Park instead?

Listen to the podcast below...

Philly Sports with Sean Brace

Philly Sports with Sean Brace

Weekly podcast with Philly influencer, Sean Brace, discussing all the latest news and rumors in Philly sports teams Read more


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