Who 'wins' the Internet battle for the most fake followers Instagram?

It's no secret that there are businesses set up for the pure purpose of selling faux social media followers. Now, we have some official stats thanks to ICMP (via Maxim). Apparently ICMP audited the accounts of 99 celebrities in the sports and entertainment industry and determined which of them had the most fake followers.

According to the audit, German Soccer star Toni Kroos leads by percentage, with 51% of his 21 million followers outed as fake. Ellen DeGeneres has the highest amount of fake followers at 58% of her 75.6 million Instagram followers, while Korean boy band BTS can 'boast' 48% of their followers as bots and 49% of Kourtney Kardashian's 80.7 million followers are faux.

Check out the full list HERE. (For what it's worth, no legit Radio 104.5 artists were represented)

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