Eddie Vedder takes a knee...

The 'Taking The Knee' controversy does not appear to be losing any momentum as Eddie Vedder has taken on the issue during his performance at the Pilgrimage Festival over the weekend. Vedder has not been shy about sharing his political thoughts, as he 'took a knee' to support the protests by NFL players.  Vedder also added some commentary on his thoughts regarding Donald J Trump and North Korea...Vedder shared concern that he heard a North Korea missile could reach his hometown of Seattle in 30 minutes..."What would you do? You'd scream at the sky and go, 'what the BEEP? How could this BEEP happen?"....'But at that point, that's not gonna do any good whatsoever. And if I'm not gonna be on stage for awhile, I'm gonna say it tonight, here in Nashville. What the BEEP? Are you kidding us? Can you please stop? Just stop?" Vedder continued with a call for diplomacy...

Vedder was also joined by Pearl Jam bandmate Matt Cameron for 'Just Breathe' (video below)

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