Lorde responds after impersonator fools 100 fans in NZ Club

While Lorde was in London eating Creme Eggs with her Mum Sonja, a Lorde impersonator managed to fool around 100 fans at the 'No Lights No Lycra Dance Party' at the Grey Lynn library in Auckland. Apparently, the weekly lights out dance party was teasing a 'super ultra special guest' who ended up being a singer who sounded like Lorde and her impression was so strong, the crowd was certain she was the real Lorde! Facebook comments included, 'You know you are in Auckland City when Lorde casually rocks out as the surprise guest at your local No Lights No Lycra hosted at the community library'. As you can see from the Tweets/Instagram posts, Lorde was amused while hanging with her mom in London. (via NME)

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