The Price is Right is coming to Hershey!!!

Ok wait, before we jump into all the details- the contestant's won't get on TV BUT there will be chances to win real's the scoop:

THE PRICE IS RIGHT (AKA the greatest game ever) is coming to HERSHEY THIS FALL! Contestants will have chances to "Come on DOWWWWWWWWWN" to play all the iconic games your normally see on "The Price Is Right'. So basically, what's happening in Hershey is "The Price is Right Live," a live, non-televised, on-stage version of the show, taking place Sept. 26.

According to The Philly Voice:

Contestant must be 18 years or older to participate and registration for a chance to be on stage begins three hours prior to the start of the show and closes at showtime. The is no age requirement to attend the event as an audience member. Contestant's names will be selected in the 20 minutes after the posted showtime.

But don't get too excited Drew Carey fans, the current host of the TV version of the show is not scheduled to be in Hershey. However, "The Price is Right Live" has been hosted by a rotation of different celebrities including Marc Summers, Jerry Springer, and Joey Fatone. 

Also- some words of advice from Mike Jones: "you’ll never have more fun in your entire existence. Everything will be downhill after you experience The Price Is Right Live." (check out the video below LOL!)

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