S’mores Oreos Are Coming Back For Spring 2019!

Maybe you've heard rumors, or maybe you thought it was just something of fairytale....but I'm here to tell you the rumors are true.

S’mores Oreos are returning for the Spring 2019 season! SO GET THE FIRE PIT READY! Because you're gonna wanna roast these babies on an open fire.

According to Bustle.com

Food Instagrammer the Junk Food Aisle posted about the possibility back in January; “S’mores Oreo is coming back in 2019!”, the post read. “Last spotted in 2016, S’mores Oreo features a graham flavored cookie and layered marshmallow and chocolate flavor cremes.” Interestingly, the packaging looked a bit different than it did during the cookies’ last outing in 2016 — but that was the only bone we’d been thrown at the time. Then, Instagrammer Candy Hunting put up a post just a few days ago noting that S’mores Oreos already had a page on Walmart’s website ready and waiting — and when Bustle reached out to Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez International, we received word that it’s true: S’mores Oreos are coming back! Soon. And with new packaging, to boot!

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