Instagram Star Known As "Bikini Hiker" Falls To Death Off Mountain

I didn't know much about Gigi Wu aka "The Bikini Hiker" but this is just a super tragic story. The obsession to get THE PERFECT SHOT! The obsession of celebrity. To do CRAZY things for attention. I'm sure she was an amazing person, but this is just really tragic and I feel so bad for her loved ones right now. Read the full story below-

According to The Washington Post:

Wu garnered a following — and the nickname “Bikini Hiker” — for posting celebratory photos of herself atop Taiwanese mountains wearing only two-piece bathing suits. She first did so after losing a bet several years ago, she told FTV News last year, but continued after realizing the posts would draw more attention to the practice of hiking.

“I’ve hiked more than 100 peaks [in four years],” Wu told FTV News then. “And I probably have 97 bikinis, so I’ve accidentally repeated some a few times."

Wu’s latest endeavor, however, ended in tragedy. The 36-year-old woman was in the middle of a solo hiking trip in Yushan National Park when she fell more than 65 feet into a ravine on Saturday, Apple Daily News reported.

Even after she fell, Wu was able to use a satellite phone to call friends and give her coordinates, Nantou County fire official Lin Cheng-yi told reporters. However, the situation was dire: Wu reportedly also told her friends that she couldn’t move the lower half of her body.

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