Phish tricks fans on Halloween with fake Scandinavian band!

Phish went ALL OUT to prank their fans the other night in Las Vegas, and whether you're into this band or not, you have respect the dedication that went into this. Please read about this because this might be the best, most thought out, prank of all time! 

In Phish fashion, last night they continued their Halloween tradition of covering a classic album in its entirety at one of their shows. 

Soo, they made up the band "Kasvot Växt" to prank concertgoers last night in Vegas... but that's not all, they went so far into it, that they had Allmusic, as well as WFMU and Perfect Sound Forever, who wrote blog posts and interviews with fake band members, and made up playlists featuring the band’s music. 

Everything from the band’s songs, to the elaborate mythology behind its over the top characters, was all part of a charming effort to bamboozle music fans into thinking they’d unearthed a whole new sound they’d never discovered before.

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