INTERVIEW: Catching up w/ Brendon Urie!

Photos: Jake Chamseddine

When Panic! At The Disco comes through Philly it's a damn celebration! Two years ago we sat down at the Wells Fargo Center right after 'Death Of A Bachelor' was released. We talked about shrooms and Billie Joel (HA) and lots of other amazing things. Fast forward to last Friday night, we sat down to chat about THE NEW ALBUM 'Pray For The Wicked' and guess who the heck was playing right the freak next door to Panic! At The Disco???   BILLIE JOEL! He was at Citizens Bank Park. Full circle man. This life is crazy.

Anywhoozle, we chatted about the new album, the absolutely stunning high notes, working with Cyndi Lauper's vocal coach, his brand new Highest Hopes Foundation, listening back to old songs and mayyybe cringing just a little bit (but not in a bad way), a possible basement tapes release of all the songs that never got to see the light of day, a Wide Spread Panic - Panic! At The Disco joint tour?? ;) ....hmm what else? OH! He literally caught a baby fly in the middle of the interview and we set it free ANNNNNND I asked some of your amazing twitter questions! Take a listen below and prepare to smile! 

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

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