INTERVIEW: Catching up w/ Jared Leto

Jared Leto took the time out of the busy Thirty Seconds To Mars schedule to chat with me ahead of their headlining set at Radio1045 11th Birthday Show on June 17th! 

**Jared was in Rome when he took this call, so bear with the audio quality, it was hard for me to hear if he could hear me, and I had to hold the studio phone up to the microphone on my cellphone and record w/ voice memo.**

We chatted about the new album (still not title yet).. they will not be naming the new album "The New Album" ha, we talked about the many religious references within the album, the music, the artwork etc., what's more freeing- acting or making music, putting pressure on himself (maybe too much at times) & more! 

He also told me we can expect TWO GUEST STARS on this upcoming album due out April 6th. "They're both two incredibly talented artists that we collaborated with."

He also said "maybe we'll be able to bring somebody on stage in Philly"...could it be an artist from the roster of amazingness on the Monolith tour?! We'll find out soon! Take a listen to our conversation below! :) THX JARED!

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

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