Rumor or True? Lebron James visits Malvern Prep

Okay. We're still hot off that Super Bowl win, and have had 3 parades in the city since. (Superbowl Parade, Love Statue Parade, Cupid's Undie Run *not really parade, but you catch my Tokyo drift*) SO Basically, we're all on that Philly sports hype train. Well a new rumor surfaced last night that LeBron James was seen visiting Malvern Prep (a private school in Malvern) for his son to attend in the fall.

Barstool's Adam Smith tweeted out the "rumor" last night.

That could only mean one thing. LeBron is heading to the 76ers this offseason???

Not so fast- just a few minutes later, Smith tweeted out that the rumor was in fact, false. 

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