EAGLES SONG! (by band DiskotiQ)


This song is freaking amazing and it pretty much sums up life as a Philadelphia Eagles fan, and hot damn this is a hit. Shout outs to Trish in our digital department for finding this gem. They band is called DiskothiQ, they aren't from Philly but he band released five albums between 1994 and 1999, including The Football Albums, a double album consisting of one song about each team in the NFL

"A dividing line for our friends, the point beyond which many of them just had to shake their heads sadly and say sorry, guys—can’t go there with you. That’s okay. Philly’s a tough town. You’re probably better off staying home. The recording, by the way, was just us warming up while Steve was getting levels, hence the cut-off intro; Steve insisted on finishing and mixing it though, and when he was done we saw no reason to do it again."

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