INTERVIEW: Jessie Backstage w/ The Killers

Wow. Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci are professional bad asses. They literally did this interview 5 MINUTES BEFORE they walked on stage last Saturday night (1.13.18) before they played in insanely Sold Out Show at Wells Fargo. Total rockstars. Nicest dudes in the business, and they were just super easy to talk to. (Oh ps- when i say insanely sold out..i'm talking, every. single. seat. in the entire wells fargo center was filled...all the way to the top). Incredible.

We talked about working w/ Elton John at the beginning phases of 'Wonderful Wonderful', writer's block, Alex Cameron (who is currently on tour w/ them), the success of 'Mr. Brightside', and of course Ronnie's run for office in 2020. #MAGA! Make America Vannucci Again! Enjoy below- and thank you again for taking the time to listen. The Killers fan base is one of the coolest on the planet and I truly enjoyed this show more than I ever could have imagined!

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

Off The Air: Jammin' Jessie

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