THE KILLERS: Show Preview!

ARE YOU READY?!  This Saturday will be BUSY down in South Philly! As we're all well aware, The Eagles take on the Falcons at 4:30p at The Linc and then just a few hours after, The Killers play a very Sold Out show at The Wells Fargo Center! In case you missed the news from Live Nation- details are below in this post. (Doors open at 7pm & The Killers are scheduled to take the stage at 9:45pm)

The Wells Fargo Center is set to open Cure Insurance Club at 4 PM on Saturday, Jan. 13 to accommodate fans attending The Killers concert. The Philadelphia Eagles game will be on and $5 draft beer drink specials will be available from 4PM – 6PM.

 For live traffic alerts and updates on Saturday fans are encouraged to follow @WellsFargoCtr on twitter.#KillersPhilly


SECONDLY.. we will be broadcasting LIVE from The Wells Fargo Center from 7-10pm! Please stop by the table and say ELLLOOO ELLLOOOO! Somewhere in that time frame I'll be sitting down w/ Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci so if there's anything you want me to ask the fellas, direct your questions my way (@jammminjessie on twitter).

THIRDLY... The Killers often work in a locally relevant cover for their shows. This past weekend, they were in Quebec, and covered Arcade Fire's 'Crown of Love' which you can watch below.  WHO DO YOU THINK THEY'RE GONNA COVER SATURDAY NIGHT?! I'm thinking maybe some Hall & Oates or Boyz II Men?!


FINALLY.... a lot of people have been asking about the opener! Alex Cameron will be opening for The Killers at 8pm. 

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