Sinead O'Connor Opens up/ Pleads for Help

This video has broken my heart, but also has reminded me just how INCREDIBLY BRAVE Sinead O'Connor is for opening up like this. Because this will help people more than she even realizes.

I don't know what to say, but here is what I can muster up. There are times in life where we find ourselves in dark rooms and we can't find that light switch to show us how to get out. Sometimes, we get locked in those dark rooms so tightly that we don't even know that the light even exists. It's moments like these where you need to immediately reach out for help.  If that means you have to go on Facebook and post a video like Sinead just did, then do it. Do whatever you can to tell the people around you what you are dealing with and experiencing. No one deserves to circle around in their mind endlessly alone with a feeling like there is no way out, because THERE IS. And there are millions of people that deal with this endless cycle day in and day out, there are also millions of us that are here for you if you deal with this. We love you Sinead, get better. You've always been stronger than all of us.

Update- Sinead is now safe after posting this video.

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