Foo Fighters & QOTSA recorded albums a block away

QOTSA and Foo Fighters were just ONE BLOCK AWAY from each other while both recording their new albums "Villains" and "Concrete And Gold".

Both bands were driven by this sort of friendly competition and even walked over to each other's studio space to take a listen to the music time and time again during the recording process.

Dave Grohl told NME:
“One of the things that was exciting as we were across the parking lot from Queens, making these records, is that it was clear that there are still rock n’ roll albums to be made,” frontman Dave Grohl told Music Week. “I’d listen to what Queens were doing and it would be quintessential Queens. It sounds great. And Josh [Homme, frontman] would come over and listen to our stuff. I remember we were playing him ‘Arrows’, and he’s like ‘God, I’m so glad you’re finally making a dark record. I think we inspired each other.”

Hawkins added: “A good competitive spirit. It’s like we want to make a better record than them, and they want to make a better record than us.”Grohl continued: “Josh and I were texting the other day, and we just thought ‘well, let’s just go and take over the fucking world together’. Let’s do it, why not?”

I feel like QOTSA has got to be on this new Foo Fighters record or vice versa. Actually, Idk. Or maybe they just didn't wanna invade on it and were just happy enough being in the studio together as comrades. Who knows. We'll find out soon- "Concrete & Gold" is out September 15th and "Villains" is out August 25th

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