Listen To All-American Rejects' New EP

It's been a little while since we've gotten new music from The All-American Rejects, but now that all changes!

As promised, the band just shared a new three song EP called "Send Her To Heaven."

Of the new release, guitarist Mike Kennerty says “The last couple of records were fun to make but they were pretty draining, whereas I think recording this way keeps us on our toes and excited. We recorded each of these songs on their own and didn’t think of them as a package. We just took each song and went to a different producer to see what we would come up with. Because of the way we went about it, I think we created a diverse group of songs that might not have happened if we did it the way we’ve always recorded in the past.”

Cool and different way of doing things, right? Take a listen to all three songs ("Send Her To Heaven," "Gen Why (DGAF)," and "Demons") along with the new video for the title track below:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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