Norwegian Band Has SAME Artwork As Imagine Dragons

Pretty often you hear people saying that one song sounds a LOT like another song, right? But what about two bands having almost the exact same artwork??

That happened with Imagine Dragons and Norwegian prog band Maraton. Imagine Dragons recently made their "Origins" song "Bad Liar" a single, releasing some pretty cool artwork along with it. But why does it look exactly like the artwork for Maraton's track "Blood Music?"

Well, from what we can see neither band knew about least not when they chose the artwork. Now Maraton has taken notice not only posting the images side by side, but also offering an explanation as to how this happened!

Marton made light of the situation and say they don't own the rights to the image, but not sure about Imagine Dragons. Check out both images next to each other as well as the full explanation:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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