Vampire Weekend Filming Video Directed By Jonah Hill

After the long long wait, Vampire Weekend is officially back! The band has already delivered us two new tracks " Harmony Hall" and "2021" from upcoming album " Father Of The Bride" due out May 10th.

Now it looks like a music video is on the way too! The band has been spotted out in NYC filming a new music video with actor Jonah Hill directing! While it wasn't said which song the video is for, customers at NYC food emporium Zabar's were excited to find Hill and the band filming in the store. The store stayed open to the customers, most of which were thrilled to have cameos in the video.

Apparently the video's goal is to show a “a day on the Upper West Side.”

From a snippet of the music shared by a fan it seems that the video is for a new song that we haven't heard yet! Check out some pictures/videos shared from the shoot:

Cole Selleck

Cole Selleck

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