Lemonheads Frontman Will Make A Cameo On The Goldbergs

With TV show The Goldbergs taking place in the 80's they love to give cameos from pop culture icons from the time, including some great musicians. They've already seen a cameo from Weird Al Yankovic, and this week brings us an alternative rock legend!

Yes! On this Wednesday's episode of the show, which takes place in Jenkintown Pennsylvania, we get a cameo from The Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando! If you're not familiar with the band, odds are you've heard their cover of Simon & Garfunkle classic " Mrs. Robinson!"

Dando will appear as a character named...wait for it...Joey Wawa, based on a real dude described as “the guy that stands outside the Wawa and buys beer for high school kids.”

Creator Adam Goldberg says of the cameo:

“In an awesome twist of fate, Evan is promoting a new album of cover songs and happened to be in Los Angeles. He popped in, we gave him some lines and he crushed it. I love that the real Evan Dando is in the same scene as the actor we cast to play him.

Evan Dando is the first cousin of my best friend Chad Kremp who grew up across the street from me in Jenkintown. The entire Kremp family often appears on the show both in real life and as characters. They are like my second family. It was always crazy that Chad’s first cousin was a rock star which began in the late 80s. I have memories of watching Evan play at weddings or family gatherings, and for a kid like me from a tiny town, it was just mind blowing. I followed Evan’s career through the 90s and went to many Lemonheads concerts in NYC. Since he was my best friend’s family, he always felt like my family in a weird way. Since  The Goldbergs  is a show about my childhood, naturally I wanted to bring Evan into it because he was there (with us in the 80s)."

Check out a clip of Dando's cameo:

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