Mark Hoppus & Pete Wentz Almost Had A Kids Cartoon

We've all heard those stories about TV shows that sound cool but never end up being a thing, right?

Did you know that Blink-182's Mark Hoppus and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz almost had one? The worst part is that it sounds awesome!

In a recent interview promoting his new music project Simple Creatures, Hoppus revealed that he and Wentz had a kids cartoon series that will unfortunately never be seen.

“It will never see the light of day but [we] worked on an idea for a children’s animated show that we pitched to Disney, we pitched to a bunch of different studios,” he said.

The plot of the show? It was about a group of fish that were in a band fighting a villain who was also a sushi chef. Both Mark and Pete did voices for two of the fish, and others were played by famous people like Ashlee Simpson and Pharell Williams. Plus there were songs!

Sounds fantastic, right? How did a show like this not come about?

He says it didn't end up being a thing because “another fish show” had been pitched right before it.

According to Altpress it was called Bronze Blue , and told the story of “an underwater punk/pop band singing catchy, eco-friendly tunes.”

"After Shrimpy’s old band falls apart from mercury poisoning, he posts a listing on Craigslist to form a new group. Thus, Bronze Blue is born. “The band came together to sing ‘about friendship, staying healthy, respecting nature and having fun."

How badly I want to watch this show! Sadly we will just have to imagine the greatness that would have come from it.

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