Brendon Urie Featured On New Hip Hop Song "Roses"

Is there anything Panic! At The Disco frontman Brendon Urie can't do?

Just yesterday he was talking about starting a new metal project...and today he's featured in a hip-hop song!

In a collaboration with rapper Juice WRLD and producer Benny Blanco, a song was just released called "Roses!"

Recently Blanco revealed that a collab was coming when he shared a conversation between himself and Juice which had some people pretty excited, and now we get the track!

While it's certainly not a song you'll hear on the station it's still really cool that Brendon is so versatile like that, right?

Of the unlikely collaboration Blanco says:

“When this whole wave started with the emo rapping with the—everything goes in waves. And all these kids, Juice WRLD, and all these type of guys, they grew up worshiping these guys. The whole Warped Tour movement, I was like, how has no one done this yet? How has no one put together the emo dudes with the emo rappers? How has that not happened? Why is no one doing this? Am I the only guy who’s thinking this?

“And I asked Juice, and we have this record. It was actually the first record we’ve ever made. We’ve probably made 50 records, but it was the first one we ever made and I always loved it so much and I was like ‘Bro, how are we not putting the dude from Panic! At the Disco on this, Brendon Urie?’ And he was just like ‘Dude, you know him?’ And I was like ‘Yeah.’”

Take a listen to the full, just released, track here:

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