Make your own hand-washing poster w/ ANY song thanks to this meme generator

I just wasted WAY too much time playing with this meme generator. Yesterday, Mike Jones shared Rage Against The Machine's answer to the singing 'Happy Birthday' twice while you wash your hands with their "Washing In The Name Of" version - and now you can make your own version with any and every song you can think of, and it's ridiculously easy. Just hit up and enter the song title and artist and the meme automatically generates - no graphic design skills necessary.

It's the work of a developer/designer in England named William Gibson, he's @neoncloth on Twitter - as I'm writing this he only has 1,130 followers - something tells me that number is going to grow exponentially over the next few days. Great idea William - wish we had had it ourselves.

I made my first one with Dashboard Confessional "Hands Down" - gonna print it out and hang it in the Radio 104.5 bathroom - have fun making yours!

placeholder image

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