Get your FREE Krispy Kreme donut for Halloween

Here's a treat I can get down with: Krispy Kreme is offering up a free donut to anyone who visits one of their stores tomorrow. The only catch: you have to be sporting a Halloween costume.

On Wednesday, October 31, stop by any Krispy Kreme location wearing a costume any you can pick out any donut you'd like for free (while supplies last).  

And it's not just their classic glazed donuts either -  go crazy with a limited edition  Trick-or-Treat Doughnut dipped and drizzled with salted caramel and topped off with crushed Halloween candy. 

Orrrrrr, maybe the  Monster Batter Doughnut is more your style -  oozing with cake batter filling and topped with slime-green icing, monster eyes, and sprinkles.

There is no wrong answer.

Find your closest Krispy Kreme location. 

Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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