WATCH the new "Happier" video from Marshmello/Bastille

Oh man, somebody pass me some Kleenex...this new video for "Happier: from Marshmello/Bastille hit me right in the feels.  (Translation = I'm crying at work)

It's a little mini-movie about a girl and her best friend...her dog.  

Along with the new video, Marshmello shared this statement about it this morning:

"When Bastille sent me Happier for the first time, I was taken back.  The amount of emotion that you could feel in the lyrics was crazy.  As I listened to the song more and more, it reminded me of so many things I've been through in my life.  Toxic relationships, letting go of things I didn't want to, and just situations where happiness came with a sacrifice.  Recently I lost my best friend, my companion, and my lifelong friend. I wanted this video to embrace the pain that we feel losing or sacrificing something and the cycle of life that comes with it.  I hope this song and video can bring closure in any situation you may be and make us all happier."

Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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