The Verve releasing 20th anniv edition of "Urban Hymns"

Some might classify The Verve as a one-hit wonder band.  I DEFINITELY do not fall into that camp.

Sure, "Bittersweet Symphony" was a supermegagigantic hit -  but for anyone who's taken a second to go beyond the surface -  there's a treasure trove of amazing songs.  "Lucky Man" and "The Drugs Don't Work" got their time in the spotlight too, but can we talk about the masterpiece that is "Velvet Morning"? Or "This Time"?  ESSENTIAL (videos to geek out about with me are below)

And yeah, for the moment, I'm focusing only on songs from their 1997 album "Urban Hymns", because this year it turns 20,  and the band just announced it's getting a deluxe reissue with allllll the bells and whistles (across 4 different versions) including:

-all of the  b-sides that went along with the album- three hours of previously unreleased live material  - new interviews with all of the band (deluxe edition)- 56 page hardcover book, poster, postcards (super-deluxe edition) 

and wayyy more, depending on which version you choose.It comes out Sept 21st - sign me up for 1 of everything.NME has all the nitty-gritty details

Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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