WATCH: Video for brand new song from The National "Guilty Party"

The National will release their new album "Sleep Well Best" this fall, and they just shared another new song from it called "Guilty Party".

The song got it's live debut a week or so ago at a gig in Paris.

It starts off sounding very Radiohead-esque,  electronic with minimalistic beeps and boops, but as soon as Matt Berninger sings the first note, you KNOW it's The National.  It's a bit of a heartbreaker.

The video was directed by Casey Reas, and says it's “a dream about memory and the degradation of memory.” “It’s about distance in time and space. Time moves forward, but then backward as memory. The image of the two-faced Roman god Janus, who can look into the past and future, is the core visual language.”

Via Consequence of Sound

Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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