Goth Ice Cream, anyone?

Beautiful 80+ degrees weather is in store for us the next few days....craving ice cream but not really the rainbow sprinkles-type?  Check out "goth" ice cream.  It's black, it's totally Instagram-able, and just guessing, it's probably Robert Smith and Gerard Way's favorite summer treat.  

The ice cream is made black with the addition of activated charcoal,  which is supposed to have health benefits,  but let's be real, it's still ice cream, and it just looks cool. (and matches 89% of my wardrobe).

It's currently available in ice cream shops in New York and LA...wonder when the trend will find its way to Philly?  I'll be first in line to try it.

(If you know a local spot, let me know!)

via Alternative Press

Amber Miller

Amber Miller

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