Philly's Evil Genius Company Releasing Their Own Hard Seltzer

This past summer was definitely the summer of hard seltzer! Now with fall in full effect, it doesn't mean that we've lost our taste for the seltzer. And, no, I'm not talking about White Claw!

Philly's Evil Genius company just announced they're getting into the hard seltzer game with their own brand! They sound pretty darn delicious too! They come in three different flavors: #bigmood (lemon-lime), #tbt (grapefruit) and #bestlife (black cherry). They're also gluten and sugar free and have 100 calories. The seltzer is already available at their Fishtown tasting room and will be in other shops, restaurants, and bars within the next two weeks!

Check out the very cool looking 90's inspired cans:



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