CJ Dunleavy - "Tvlking"

I cannot stress it enough: it's so important to support local musicians! Today I put the spotlight on one such artist named CJ Dunleavy. CJ is a singer/songwriter from the Doylestown area who you may recognize as an artist who has been featured on our weekly "Live At 5" segment.

I've gotten to see CJ perform live on quite a few local stages, and today he shares a brand new song called "Tvlking." While CJ is ordinarily seen strumming an acoustic guitar and singing slower pretty tunes, this one is definitely out of his comfort zone. This song is more of a "banger" dictated by an unexpected turn in his life. After a breakup, he found himself back out in the dating scene after a very long time. That's what this one is about.

Rather than keep "tvlking" about it, I'll let you give it a listen!



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