One Hit Wonder Weekend!

This week we celebrated a fun "holiday": National One Hit Wonder Day. We had so much fun talking about it with you that we decided a day wasn't nearly enough to cover all the music, so we're digging deeper in to one hit wonderland goodness allllll weekend on Radio 104.5!

There's tons of songs to be heard, to be belted-out at the tops of our lungs to & to wax nostalgic over. Kicking off at 5pm this Friday and all weekend we salute all those bands who were one and done.

Listen live on your radio, tell your smart speaker to "Play Radio 104.5, or listen via iHeartRadio

Our One Hit Wonder Weekend is brought to you by Hit Family the newest game from the New Jersey Lottery…Anything Can Happen in Jersey.


Disclaimer We didn't decide which songs went down in the history books as a hit and which didn't. And yes, of COURSE we know these bands and artists made more music, many of whom have an album's worth or a extensive catalog's worth excellent underappreciated music. This weekend is no knock or disrespect them or that music. Who knows, maaaaaybe hearing these songs will inspire the desire to go back and give those a listen too.


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