Need! The White Claw Halloween Costume

It's the first day of fall, and your Halloween costume has officially been decided - you're going as the best beverage of 2019 (or perhaps all time?!): White Claw - of course!

I can't believe this thing hasn't been mass produced yet - but one VERY clever Etsy shop has been selling White Claw costume dresses with a choice of flavor: Black Cherry, Natural Lime, Mango or Ruby Grapefruit. The comfy-est and most timely genius costume idea ever. Looks like it's so popular it's currently sold out...but hopefully there's still time for them to re-stock and you to get yours. Orrrr, maybe use it as inspo and get all DIY and make your own. Either way, be prepared to get asked to take your picture with EVERYBODY when you're dressed up as their favorite drink!



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