Scottish Music Festival Bans Cell Phones

Did you ever notice someone attending the same concert as you that can't get off their phones? While it's fun to take a few pictures and videos at shows, who wants to watch a show through a screen? Wouldn't you rather just live in the moment?

Well, a Scottish music festival made sure that attendees did just that, by completely banning cell phones!

Yup, FLY Open Air Festival in Edinburgh, UK made sure that not a single fan was on their phone while watching sets at their covered Boiler Room stage this past weekend. They apparently had shipped 8,000 special cases specifically for the 2 day dance music fest. The guests locked their phones in the cases, and they were then unlocked after the show.

Could you be without your phone for that long? Festival director Tom Ketley says it's imperative to actually enjoy the show.

“You would not go to the cinema and watch the film through your phone, so I don’t see how this is any different. Dance music is becoming more popular within youth culture, and more and more young people are getting addicted to their phones.”

“We felt like there was no other way [to] do this other than take quite drastic action. If you put stickers over people’s cameras, they just take them off.”

This is apparently the first show in The UK to ever ban a phone!

“When you’re out dancing, the last thing you want is a flashlight shined in your face. I want people to live in the moment and enjoy the music.”

Would you be able to live without your phone like that or would it cause too much anxiety? Do you think this is a good idea and should happen more often?



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