Panic! At The Disco's Tour Manager provides gift giving guide

Not sure if Brendon Urie is on your Holiday shopping list, but in case he is, Panic! At The Disco's longtime tour manager Zack Hall has tweeted out some radical candor and several insights into the realities of getting your gift to Brendon. 

You can read the full thread below, but a couple of key takeaways:

Many gifts are thrown out.

Brendon gets hundreds of thousands of gifts and drawings

The band maintains a digital scrapbook / album of letters / photos / art submitted to Brendon or the band

If you want Brendon to write out lyrics, you may get your wish IF Brendon sees it before his Tour Manager.

A 'Thank You' note is THE BEST and easiest gift.

Also, I'm fascinated that Zack has over 48,000 Twitter followers...guessing a lot of people trying to make friends in effort to get their gift to Brendon!

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