WATCH Temple Marching Band cover Imagine Dragons 'Natural'

When it comes to College Football, the first thing I think of is The Temple Diamond Marching Band and what music they may be performing this season! And once again, they did not disappoint!

During Temple Football's October 6th 49 - 6 win over East Carolina Pirates, the Temple band treated attendees to several songs, including Imagine Dragons 'Natural'. This goes along with a bunch of great halftime performances, where they've previously covered Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco and many more.

In fact, while this was happening, many of us were next door at Xfinity Live for the Radio 104.5 Endless Summer Show...had we planned better, we should have invited the Temple band to come perform after the game!

Next up, Temple Football will host Cincinatti at The Linc this Saturday (October 20th). We look forward to hearing what they have planned!



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