This Week The Goldbergs Go To Hersheypark

The Goldbergs is a great sitcom for people in any area, but it's even more special if you're from around here, right? I mean they throw in local references left and right!

Now, this week, the show is headed to "the sweetest place on earth:" Hersheypark! this Wednesday's episode, aptly titled "Hersheypark," sees Adam taking a class trip to the park and trying to get rid of the adult chaperones.

While the show was actually filmed in California, the show did go out to the actual park for some research! It'll be interesting to see how well it's recreated for the show.

Of the episode, the real Adam Goldberg (who creates the show) says: "One of my greatest memories from school was going to Hersheypark on a field trip. I vividly remember going through Chocolate World where I bought a giant-sized Hershey kiss in the gift shop and ate it for the next year. The sooperdooperLooper was the first looping roller coaster I had ever seen. Even though my mom insisted I not go on it, I ignored her and still did as a point of pride. Sure, I ended up losing consciousness on the coaster for a bit, but I still did it!  It really is an amazing destination if you live in the Philadelphia area."

Hah! Can't wait to see the show on Wednesday! Check out a sneak peek picture:



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