The Goldbergs Bringing Back Classic South Street Punk Store

The Goldbergs is a great show for anyone, but it's even more special for people from Philly, as the show takes place in local suburb Jenkintown! Because of this, the show is FULL of local references!

If you grew up in the area like me, there's no doubt you remember the old punk store Zipperhead on South Street!

While the store has since closed, The Goldbergs will bring it back in next week's episode. The show takes place in the 80's, and is always able to bring back some of our favorites from that time!

In this week's episode, airing on October 3rd, main character Adam wants to go "punk" to impress his girlfriend. To do so, he stops by Zipperhead in Philly! To feature the store, the show completely recreated it and it's iconic look.

"Our favorite place was Zipperhead, which defined cool,"  the real Goldberg said, "especially for a suburban geek like me."

I can't wait to see how they re-did the place for the show!

Remember how cool the old sign was??


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