Dan From The Wonder Years Is Having A Baby!

Today is a big day for The Wonder Years frontman Dan "Soupy" Campbell! 

He has just taken to social media to announce that he and his wife Alison are expecting their first baby this spring! How exciting!

His post included a picture of the ultrasound on a guitar with this caption:

Alison and I are overjoyed to finally be able to tell everyone that we’re expecting our first baby this Spring. I’m as nervous as I am excited but I’ve wanted to be a dad about as long as I can remember so mostly, I’m just ready to get going.I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone reading this for their unending support. Whether we know each other personally or even if you just like the music I’m a part of making, we appreciate you. It’s your constant support that makes our life possible. If you asked me when I was sixteen what my goal in life was, I would have told you that it was to be able to support a family playing music I love. Thank you for helping to make it a reality. (And please continue to do so cause, you know, I’ve got mouths to feed now...)

Congrats Dan and Alison! May your baby be as beautiful as your music! 



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