Yungblud Meet + Greet at Radio 104.5 - July 2018

Yungblud (aka Dominic Harrison),  the energetic 19 year old from Northern England, recently stopped by Radio 104.5 before his set at the Vans Warped Tour. His performance included "I Love You Will You Marry Me," "Medication" and a few other songs to a live audience plus a fun interview with Amber Miller. Yungblud cracked many jokes with the audience, talked about his first gigs played over bingo PA's, made friends with a fan who had matching socks, and brought light to the story/myth going around about his grandpa playing in T. Rex (apparently it was just temporarily filling in a few times). After the performance Yungblud posed for photo ops with fans. You can see the pics below.

Grab your high res photo here!

Check out a few highlights below



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