Watch trailer for Dan Reynolds' Documentary 'Believer'

Imagine Dragons' frontman Dan Reynolds is the subject of a new HBO documentary, Believer, where he works to 'bridge the gap' between his support of the LGBTQ community and his Mormon religion. The documentary chronicles Dan as he launches a pro-LGBTQ music festival, Love Loud, in Utah to raise money for organizations including 'The Trevor Project' and 'Tegan & Sara Foundation'

Dan Reynolds tells Entertainment Weekly, 'I can't say that there was one event or one day where I suddenly woke up and said, 'I wanna be a [LGBTQ] ally. I think it was a lot of events over the course of my life that led me to be naturally very impassioned and feel like I could do something in a real way that could maybe help.'

The film is scheduled to begin airing on June 25th. (via Entertainment Weekly)



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