Interview with Philly band Andorra

This episode of the Philly Music Podcast, we chat with the band Andorra. You may remember them from opening up one of our Radio 104.5 Summer Block Parties, the 10th Birthday Show, or even further back than that. We've been watching them develop as a band over the past few years and like the progression they are making - the guys were really pretty young when they first came onto our radar. 

The band is currently made up of Kevin McCall, Jordan Petrellis, Michael Trycieckyj, and Dante DiLoreto.

Their latest album, "What You Wanted, What You Got," is kind of a coming-of-age record that addresses universal topics many of us can relate to, like leaving home and moving out on your own for the first time, having expectations and how they lead to disappointments, family, friends, love, rejection, drinking and much more. 

Listen to the interview with Kevin McCall and Michael Trycieckyj below as they talk about the lyrical and musical inspirations for some of the songs and how they evolved over time. They talk about some of their other musical projects, and using the theremin in some of their songs. Plus, find out the boozehounds' favorite drinks and the story behind their hilarious #SaintMichael and #WheresDante mega twitter epic tale.


Did you notice that the artwork from What You Wanted What You Got actually has references to the song titles?


You can listen to more music by Andorra below on their bandcamp link, or on Spotify. Follow them on Twitter @AndorraMusic for their latest shows! (Probably a couple coming up in February & March!)



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