CONGRATS to the creators/writers for the digital series 'Delco Proper'!

DELCO is heading to Comedy Central, as a new pilot order was filled for the web-series "Delco Proper". Comedy Central revealed the development for the show will be 2017-2018 and Delco Proper is one of 9 pilots that CC order which is a huge step towards becoming a series.

Check out the press release from Comedy Central HERE

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Speaking to the creator John McKeever, the Delco Proper crew will be shooting the pilot in the Delaware County area beginning in May. Comedy Central, loved the look and feel of the original digital series, which he credits to filming it in the area and casting local actors.

“We think the town we created is such a specific character that would couldn’t shoot it in New York of Los Angeles,” McKeever says. “We’re not expecting a bunch of Delco people to watch it, but we are trying to portray the world we are familiar with.”

Have you seen any of the episodes? Watch below-