Dave Grohl's Mom, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, just released her new book "From Cradle To Stage" about how to raise a rock star. She profiled other rock moms in her new book and offers tons of insight into her rock star son Dave Grohl's life, beginning with the forward of the book being penned by Dave Grohl himself!

In the intro, he reveals some of his earliest musical memories with his mother, including riding in the car listening to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” with Virginia singing Mick Jagger’s backing vocals and Dave singing Simon’s. Dave was just 6 years old at the time. 

I love this quote too - check it out..what AN AWESOME MOM:
“He needed to drop out of school to do that, and by that time, he’d been through 11 years of school, of going to classes — not every day, but sometimes. Everyone liked him. He was a nice kid, but he just didn’t do well in school. He wasn’t interested,” Virginia tells Yahoo Music. “So when he got the chance to go to Europe (with D.C punk band Scream), I thought, ‘There’s where you get an education. That’s going to be better than showing up in somebody’s geology class tomorrow.’ I thought that was a great idea.”

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