Already thinking about ways to burn off that holiday weight? Well, then this is NOT the run for you! That's right....Xfinity Live! will be hosting a new event called The Philly 0.0: Instant Gratification Run and it's a run for anyone who ever wanted to say they participated in a run...but didn't ACTUALLY have to run! Hah! Did you follow all that? Yes this is a REAL thing...and yes runners will run a total of 0.0 miles. So how is it an actual run? There will be a starting/finish line, bibs, awards, shirts, and all that good stuff! The run will start exactly at 7:30p and end exactly at 7:30p followed by a party inside Xfinity Live complete with food/drinks! Prizes will even be awarded to the top finishers, which will be picked at random giving anyone a chance to win. Of the run the organizers say:

“We wanted to bring together the traditional runner who wants to go out and have a good time at a running-themed event and their nonrunner friends who are usually stuck on the sidelines cheering. The anti-runner is welcome too. If nothing else, maybe it will inspire them to do the real thing the next time. As runners, we don’t get a chance to sit down and enjoy one another. So many times after a race we are rushing right home. February is a nice time of year to slow down and celebrate together. People will be naysayers because it is not traditional but we are okay with that. It is all in the name of fun."

Although it sounds like a pretty silly idea, portions of the proceeds will go towards charity and it should be a good time for everyone involved. For more information on the race and to sign up visit their website here and watch a video about the event via 6ABC here!